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An accurate evidence-base is the surest way to ensure the effectiveness of the programmes you deliver.

Ofsted have made direct reference to inspection on how schools will meet standards for social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning as well as specific safety concerns such as online safety, drugs and alcohol, sexual risk behaviour, social/emotional resilience and life skills. DataVibe gives you the tools to capture a wealth of useful data with young people to contribute in these areas.

We know that building social and emotional resilience and skills is a key part of risk education so this tool also helps you to identify the learning needs of young people and to gain a clearer picture of their personal skills in a range of contexts so that you can help them be healthy and stay safer.

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If You Are a Young Person…

If you are a young person completing a survey, remember it is anonymous, nobody will know who you are within the group.

The login only tells us which group you are in but not who you are, so you can be completely honest and it will be private. The answers you give will help to make sure your lessons are more relevant.

If something in the survey leaves you with worries or questions and you want to talk to someone, you will have an opportunity to ask for some time with a teacher you trust to talk about things and make sure you get help if you want or need it. But this won't be shared with the others in your group.


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